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Work in Australia

Temporary Work Skilled Visa

A Temporary Work Visa has the following key features:

  • can be granted up to four (4) years
  • must be sponsored by an Australian business
  • Australian salary and employment conditions apply
  • unable to engage in work for another person or for yourself
  • is a pathway to permanent migration

Temporary work visa applicants holding a passport from specific countries; and applying for certain trade occupations; must have a Skills Assessment done by an approved Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Permanent Migration

The employer nomination scheme enables employers to sponsor highly skilled workers to fill skilled vacancies in their businesses. Skilled workers can be recruited either from overseas, or from people temporarily in Australia. Employers must be lawfully operating in Australia, and the position must provide full-time employment in Australia for at least two (2) years and meet the market salary rate.

The regional sponsored migration scheme enables employers in regional and low population growth areas of Australia to sponsor highly skilled workers either from overseas, or from people temporarily in Australia to fill skilled vacancies in their business.

Employers must:

  • actively and lawfully operate a business in regional Australia (Please Note - regional Australia does not include the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Newcastle, Wollongong or Melbourne);
  • have a genuine need for a paid employee to fill a skilled position;
  • offer a skilled position in the applicant's field that is full time and ongoing for at least two years;
  • pay a market salary rate;
  • comply with Australian immigration and workplace relations laws; and
  • have no adverse information known about your business or any person associated with your business.

As an Australian resident you can:

  • live and work permanently in Australia;
  • study in Australia;
  • enrol in Medicare (Australia's scheme for health-related care and expenses);
  • access certain social security payments (subject to waiting periods);
  • apply for Australian citizenship (subject to residency criteria); and
  • sponsor family members for permanent residence.