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Migrate to Australia

General Skilled Migration

Australia's migration policy is based essentially on the principle of skills. Basically, three types of migration categories exist:

  • Sponsored by Australian relative
  • Nominated by a State/Territory Government
  • Independent (no relative in Australia)

To be eligible under this program the following criteria must be met:

  • nominate an occupation that matches skills and qualifications on the skills occupation list;
  • have a suitable skills assessment for that occupation;
  • be less than 50 years of age when the invitation is issued;
  • at least have competent English;
  • be able to score at least 60 on the points test; and
  • meet the health and character requirements.

Skilled occupations for migration purposes are those that meet the medium and long-term future skill needs of Australia.

Employer Sponsored

Australian businesses unable to fill positions from within Australia can recruit skilled workers for:

  • Temporary Work Skilled Visa (for up to 4 years); and
  • Permanent Migration.

The eligibility criteria for employer sponsored permanent migration are very similar as that for General Skilled Migration, with some exemptions for skills, qualifications and English, in certain circumstances.

Family Migration

Family migration includes the following areas:

  • Spouse;
  • Prospective Marriage (both Fiance and Fiancee);
  • Child (under 25 years);
  • Parents (Contributory);
  • Aged Dependent Relative;
  • Remaining Relative;
  • Carer; and
  • Parent and Aged Parent.

To be eligible to be assisted under this category, your sponsor must be either an:

  • Australian Permanent Resident;
  • Australian Citizen;
  • Eligible New Zealand Citizen.

Business Skills

Australia encourages successful business people to settle permanently to develop new or existing business. The type of persons that can be assisted this category include:

  • owner or part-owner of a business;
  • investor/business person willing to invest;
  • high-calibre business person.

A bona fide business person is also allowed to undertake a visit to Australia for up to three (3) months to:

  • make a general business or employment enquiry;
  • investigate, negotiate, enter into, or review a business contract;
  • undertake an activity carried out as part of an official government to government visit;
  • participate in a conference, trade fair or seminar in Australia.


Based on your individual circumstances and depending on the migration category, we provide a written quotation covering the following:

  • Professional Fee for migration advice and assistance;
  • Administration / Disbursement Costs;
  • Visa Application Charge; and
  • Skills Assessment Fee (if applicable).

We guarantee that:

  • our quotation contains no additional or hidden costs;
  • upon signing as a client, the consumer guide fact sheet will be issued;
  • all matters are treated in the strictest confidence;
  • instalment payments linked to the achievement of specific outcomes; and
  • your application will be prepared and represented by a registered migration agent.

PLEASE NOTE:   EFTOS facilities are available including VISA and MASTERCARD