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Australian businesses unable to fill positions can recruit overseas skilled workers either on a temporary and/or permanent basis.

Overseas skilled workers are highly motivated and dedicated, and their employment can increase job opportunities for Australians.

The temporary visa is initially much more beneficial to a business because:
  • a visa can be requested for a period of (3) months to four (4) years;
  • applications are lodged in Australia;
  • processing times are often reduced;
  • generally occupations other than trades do not require formal skills assessment; and
  • upon arrival in Australia, the opportunity to further assess the capabilities of the overseas skilled worker and after (2) years with the same employer, offer permanent migration for further two (2) year period.

Moreover, employer sponsored permanent migration have distinct advantages:

  • in regional Australia, a guaranteed worker for at least two (2) years
  • trade people are required to pass a formal skills assessment;
  • higher level of English competency;
  • visa may be cancelled if the worker does not want to complete the two (2) years;
  • no constraints regarding employer recruitment costs; and
  • eligible occupations include Managers, Professionals, Technicians and Trades (i.e. skill level commensurate with Australian Qualifications Framework Certificate III or higher).

To assist businesses with this process, we offer a 'one-stop' comprehensive range of services including:

  • network to screen and shortlist suitable applicants;
  • register of work ready applicants;
  • document preparation including Employment Agreement and Duty Statement;
  • prepare and submit visa/migration application for the sponsored worker; and
  • pre and post arrival assistance including settlement and orientation information.